Our Grooming Services and Guide Prices


We only use top of the range all natural shampoos, conditioners and coat care products in our salon.
We have a full size hydrobath designed to penetrate right down to the dogs skin that provides a warm, massaging bathing experience.The bath is fully adjustable and can accomodate both very tiny and extra large breeds.


We have a large variety of drying equipment designed to accomodate a variety of coat types. Some of our larger dryers are specifically designed to help remove dead undercoat from breeds such as Samoyed’s and German Shepherd’s. We have fluff dryers for creating the perfect blow dry on Poodles and Bichon’s and extra small/quiet dryers for our puppies or more nervous dogs.

Nail Trims

No appointment necessary, just walk in.  £7/£10

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Dental Clinics are run once monthly on a Monday afternoon. Sessions are 30 minutes. Your dog will require it’s own ultrasonic toothbrush head (£10) and initial sessions are £22. Reduced to £20 for 5 sessions bought and booked in advance. Top up sessions are £5 and done with the dogs regular grooming session.



Our Prices

Our prices are based on dogs coming for regular appointments (4-8 weekly) with owners maintaining their dogs coats in between visits. Prices also vary on length/ condition of coat, size of dog, behaviour and skill of haircut. The following is a price guide and we may have to adjust the price slightly to reflect our work and the time taken.

Bath price from: small £25/£28, medium £30/£38  large £43/£68 includes de-shed, nail trim, ear clean, small tidy.

Clip / Scissor from: small £39/£45, medium £48/£58, large £68/£90 the full works according to owners requests.

Handstrip from £55 Spaniels and Terriers. Non neutered dogs only on an individual basis. Please call.

Recommended Schedule

4-6 weeks: Poodles, Bichons, Cockapoos, Bedlingtons, Maltese and some mixed breeds.

6-8 weeks: Tibetan Terrier, Westies, Yorkies, Schnauzers and some mixed breeds.

8-12 weeks: Westies, Cavaliers, Airdales, Collies, German Shepherds, Samoyeds. 




When it comes to dog grooming no two owners or two groomers have exactly the same taste so our grooming is totally dependent on the owners requests.We will always try to accomodate any reasonable request. We will not de-matt dogs in the interests of their welfare however, we will work closely with owners needing extra help with maintaining their dogs coat.

All the groomers at Dogtails are City and Guilds qualified and have been trained in both pet trim and breed standard styles. 

It is our aim to keep both the dogs and the owners happy.

Part of the Service

All our basic,and full groom packages include:

A full health check, bath, blow dry, ear clean, nail trim, blueberry facial and cologne.

Extra Charges

We reserve the right to increase our quoted prices should your dog be matted, overgrown, overweight, have parasites such as fleas or ticks, show aggression towards the groomer or need extra time due to behaviour. We pride ourselves on our ability to rehabilitate a dogs fear of grooming however this costs time and demands patience. We are extremely experienced and will do our utmost to make every dogs time with us as pleasant as possible.